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  • April temperatures were warmer than normal in Illinois, making the January to April period one of the warmest on record. April was also wetter than normal, and as rains have continued into May, questions about nitrogen (N) losses continue to increase…

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  • Notes on nitrogen as planting gets underway

    Most of the state has had above-normal rainfall for much of April, so we expect limited planting progress in the coming days. In this article we’ll consider a few nitrogen-related issues to keep in mind as planting progresses in 2024…

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  • Notes on soybeans as planting gets underway

    While statewide precipitation in March averaged 3.21 inches (89% of normal), we saw a clear north-south gradient within Illinois, with totals ranging from half to an inch above normal in the northern part of Illinois to as much as up to two inches below normal in the southern end of the state…

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